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Zayn Malik Doesn’t Want Birthday Wishes From Harry Styles – Here’s Why

While fans are pouring 25th birthday wishes upon Zayn Malik on Jan. 12, we’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on why he won’t be hearing from former bandmate Harry Styles.

While Zayn Malik is getting tons of 25th birthday love from everyone from girlfriend Gigi Hadid, 22, to Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, he won’t be getting any wishes either publicly or privately from ex One Direction bandmate Harry Styles, 23. “Zayn doesn’t expect any sort of birthday wish from Harry and he doesn’t really want one either because he knows it would be fake. Zayn didn’t show Harry any birthday love last year either, for the same reason. He doesn’t feel they were ever really friends and they definitely aren’t friends now,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

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