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Who is Jill Martin? Relationship with Erik Brooks explored as broadcaster gets engaged a second time

jill martin

America TV personality Jill Martin got engaged to Erik Brooks for a second time, more than a year after calling off their first engagement. The latter first proposed to the broadcaster in 2019 but the duo parted ways last year during the pandemic.

However, 18 months after their separation, Jill reconnected with Erik over a phone call. The TV host opened up about her reconciliation in TODAY and shared how she made the call:

“I decided to call. It had been 18 months since I had given the ring back. It had been 18 months since we had spoken. During those months, I was never even tempted to reach out — the thought was just too painful. But then one day, I built up the courage… and I called at 2 p.m. on a Thursday. He picked up.”

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