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Two New Moms Died From Catastrophic Herpes. Did the Same Doctor Give It to Them?

Two New Moms Died From Catastrophic Herpes

In May and July 2018, two British women died of catastrophic herpes infections shortly after delivering babies via Caesarean section in facilities overseen by the East Kent Hospitals Trust. Their grieving families were told nothing connected them.

But an investigation conducted by the BBC has learned otherwise—the women shared a surgeon who may have unknowingly planted the herpes virus directly into their uteruses after he made the birth incision.

On May 3, 2018, Kimberly Sampson, a 29-year-old mother who worked as a barber, went into labor. It began normally but quickly slowed down, causing her unborn child to become lodged in her pelvis, leading to an emergency Caesarean. She was injured during the operation and given a blood transfusion, according to the BBC report. Despite being in immense pain with difficulty walking, she and her newborn son were discharged. They went to her mother’s home, where Kimberly resided.

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