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Top Delta 8 Brands for THC Flower and Weed Online

best 8 flowers

Delta-8 is a relatively new cannabinoid that the vast majority of the public is unfamiliar with. It has recently exploded in popularity, due in great part to people looking for legal psychoactive substitutes for cannabis.

Many people consider Delta-8 to be an alternative to Delta-9 THC – the main cannabinoid responsible for the high experienced by marijuana users – thanks to its many similarities, including producing a high.

Although Delta-8 is slightly different in that it is typically derived from hemp-extracted CBD (as opposed to cannabis) it is still found in the same common forms, including flower, edibles and tinctures, and oils.

Because of its legally-distinct status, it is possible for people in many states to order Delta-8 products online for home-delivery.

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