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No more nosy neighbours:how to get garden privacy in your London outside space

Ever felt you’re not alone in your back garden? Privacy is not easy to achieve in London gardens. Many are overlooked by neighbours in terraces or tall buildings.Indeed in any city, it’s unrealistic to expect your whole garden to be entirely private — but you could create just one area where you can retreat, whether it’s a spot for dining or just for a seat to curl up in with a book.Designer Claire Mee was asked to create a private dining area for a couple in Highbury, north London, whose garden was overlooked on one side by a block of flats.Rather than planting a tall screen down the entire side of the garden which would have made the space feel hemmed in and created too much shade, she made a small inner square of pleached hornbeam trees, like a hedge on stilts, just around the dining area.Bright ideas for London’s trickiest outdoor spaces.When seated at the table, it feels airy and light. You look through the slender tree trunks to beautiful hydrangeas against the fence, while around your feet lavender and Mexican daisies thrive in the sun. But when viewed from the upstairs flats next door, the tree canopy entirely encloses the space and shields the diners from view.

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