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Kylie Jenner’s Family Worried She’s Too Young To Be A Mom: They’ll ‘Support & Help’ With Baby

Kylie Jenner is just 20 and about to become a first time mom. We’ve got details on how her worried family will rally around to help her with the baby in any way they can.

Babies are A LOT of work! Pregnant Kylie Jenner will soon find out how demanding motherhood is and her family members are worried that at just 20-years-old, she’s too young and it’s going to be so overwhelming for her. She’s been a loving aunt to her seven nieces and nephews, but having an infant of her very own will be a huge new responsibility. “Her sisters have tried to give as much advice as possible,” a source tells PEOPLEmagazine. “The family is still worried because Kylie is so young, but they will all support and help her once the baby arrives,” adds the insider.

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