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Kylie Jenner: Why She’s Crying Herself To Sleep Over Delivery Room Drama

Kylie Jenner’s alleged due date is quickly approaching and her parents won’t stop fighting! Who will she let join her in the delivery room?!

Let’s admit it, Kylie Jenner‘s reported baby’s arrival is the event of the year and fans everywhere are going to be clamoring for details when that day arrives! However, we’re hearing that those in her inner circle aren’t exactly getting along lately! According to our insiders, the 20-year-old’s parents Kris Jenner, 62, and Caitlyn Jenner, 68, are fighting and Ky is terrified that, if they’re both with her for the pregnancy, the moment could be ruined! “Kylie has her whole family arguing about who will be with her in the delivery room and it is becoming a real problem for her as she will be forced to make the decision soon,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Kylie is torn between her mom and her dad who have been at odds for a while and both expect to be holding Kylie’s hand as she delivers. She fears the negative energy in the room if she says yes to both of them… they can’t stop arguing.” Oh no!

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