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Eliza Dushku’s Sexual Molestation Allegations Denied by Joel Kramer

Eliza Dushku says stunt coordinator Joel Kramer, who worked with her on the 1994 action movie True Lies, lured her to a hotel room and sexually molested her when she was 12 years old.

Kramer, also known for his work on a slew of other films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as WestworldStar Trek: DiscoveryThe MentalistThe O.C., has denied the allegations, telling the Hollywood Reporter they are “atrocious lies.” He said he was “floored” by Dushku’s claims and added, “I’m already getting emails that people want to kill me.”

The Buffy the Vampire SlayerDollhouse and Bring It On star in a Facebook post published on Saturday that Kramer made her “feel special” and later “lured” her into his Miami hotel room after promising her parents that he would take her for a swim at the stunt crew’s hotel pool and for her first sushi meal thereafter. She said that inside, he disappeared in the bathroom and emerged wearing a towel, then got on top of her on a bed and engaged in a sex act while she was clothed.

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