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Almost a decade has passed since the publication of Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and the design community has reacted to this minimalist dogma in both cult-like and resistant ways.However, it seems the latter is having its moment, from fashion to interiors. Rixo, a brand that has become known in fashionista circles and beyond for its unapologetically busy, maximalist patterns produces some of the most-wanted garments on the market today. Meanwhile, homes stuffed with objet d’art belonging to the likes of Luke Edward-Hall are the envy of all design-savvy Instagrammers and Pinteresters the world over.It seems minimalism is out, and print, texture, pattern, embroidery, clashes and OTT accessories are so, so in.But, how are we to go about incorporating this into our homes? Well, the red thread linking all the swoon-worthy, chock-a-block interiors taking over our social media feeds is clutter.Curated clutter, nonetheless, carefully styled to achieve a treasure trove-like aesthetic, complete with tumbling greenery, jewel-toned walls and richly patterned sofas with cushions that must not (and I repeat, not) match by any stretch of the imagination.Displaying your belongings in an imaginative, artful way is your ticket to creating a completely personal design haven, according to Peter Erlandsson, director of iconic Scandi brand, String.

Erlandsson says: “I believe we should all take pride in the objects we have collected throughout our lives. Whether it’s a collection of specific objects like crockery or crystal ware, or just sentimental bits and pieces, give your clutter a new lease of life. Every ornament, shell, fridge magnet and dog-eared book can make up a mosaic of colourful references to your life.”

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