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Colorist Hannah Edelman Kicks Off Pride Month With a Gorgeous Gradient Rainbow Hair Color

A breathtaking rainbow dye job would look incredible any time of year, but it takes on a special significance in June. Designated Pride Month in honor of 1969’s Stonewall riots, June is the perfect time to pay tribute to the iconic rainbow flag created by Gilbert Baker in 1978 — and still widely embraced today — in a bold and personal way. And that’s exactly what Brooklyn-based colorist Hannah Edelman helped her client do, sharing the results on Instagram to kick off this meaningful month.”My client Kitty simply said, ‘I want rainbow hair for Pride!'” Edelman tells Allure. “She came in with solid platinum-blonde hair with just half an inch of new growth of her naturally black hair. First order of business: Lighten her base. Lightening the hair properly and safely is so important for a vivid to look amazing — not just for that Instagram pic, but also for the entire time she has it.” After asking Kitty which colors of the rainbow she wanted to focus on, she and Edelman agreed on larger amounts of violet, blue, and an almost-red pink, keeping the yellows and greens to a minimum.

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