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5 Nail Care Tips to Try At Home For Strong, Healthy Nails

Perfect fingernails.

The quest to establish a full-blown self-care routine can never be complete without incorporating some (much-needed) nail care. Just imagine sippin’ on wine, flaunting non-manicured, chipped nails—nuh-uh, girl. “When it comes to caring for your nails, people often consider the process to be cumbersome and expensive. However, a few simple, home-friendly tips can cater to the lazy girls who don’t wish to invest too much time—or money—on nail care,” explains Sneha Bhagwat, Founder, Nailbox Bengaluru.

For strong, sturdy nails and a soft, supple cuticle, you’ve got to give your claws some TLC. Ladies, say buh-bye to brittleness with these expert-approved nail care tips:

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