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If You’re Wondering Why You Lost Him, This Is Why


If You’re Wondering Why You Lost Him, This Is Why: If we never ask, life will never answer.

In short: if the train didn’t stop at your station, it was not your train. It was not meant to be. Otherwise, he’d stay. Forever.

At least that’s how I look at it now. He was in your life for a reason. You might think it was to hurt you, and it may certainly seem like that. But I think differently.

Your breakup was to show you that there’s something that needs to shift within you… that you deserve better. That you’re capable, strong, and can thrive without him.

Ultimately, he left to free the space for The One.

Do you believe that? Now, this is important, because if you do, it will be so. And if you don’t, it will also be so.

But why would you not believe? Because nobody ever told you how valuable, good, smart, worthy, lovable and deserving you are. Until now.

I remember how when my younger sister, Anna, lost her boyfriend of four years, she was devastated. She thought that something was wrong with her, and that nobody would ever want her again.

She despised other happy couples, had panic attacks just looking at engagement rings, and basically lost her faith in fairytale endings.

Then one day, she called me late at night, hysterical about what she’d just learned: Her ex was engaged to an older woman with two kids.

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