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Yogasanas – Tadasana

Tadasana or Mountain Pose Yoga -

Today we are pleased to introduce the first basic Yoga pose along with their effects and Health benefits.


Also called as Samasthiti, Tada means a mountain, Sama means upright, straight, unmoved. Sthiti is standing still, steadiness. Tadasana therefore implies a pose where on stands firm and erect as a mountain. This is the basic standing pose.

Effects of not standing in a correct manner

People do not pay much attention to the correct method of standing. Some stand with the body weight thrown only on one leg, or with one leg turned completely sideways. Others bear all the weight on the heels, or on the inner or outer edges of the feet. If we stand with the body weight thrown only on the heels, we feel the centre of gravity changing; the hips become loose, the abdomen protrudes, the body hangs back and the spine feels the strain and consequently we soon feel fatigued and the mind becomes dull. It is therefore essentials to master the art of standing correctly.


Health Benefits

By regular practice of Tadasana the hips are contracted, the abdomen is pulled in and the chest is brought forward. One feels light in body and the mind acquires agility. It also helps to create space within the body, allowing internal organs to work more efficiently. This can drastically improve respiration as well as digestion and blood circulation. Mentally, it leaves its users invigorated and motivated.


  • Improves posture


  • Strengthens thighs, knees and ankles


  • Increase in awareness


  • Firms abdomen and buttocks


  • Relieves sciatica


  • Reduces flat feet


  • Expels dullness and depression


  • Increase energy and enthusiasm


  • Increases strength, power, and mobility in the feet, legs and hips



Technique’s for practicing Tadasana Effectively


1>     Stand erect with the feet together, the heels and big toes touching each other. Rest the heads of metatarsals on the floor and stretch all the toes flat on the floor.


2>     Tighten the knees and pull the knee-caps cup, contract the hips and pull up the muscles at the back of the thighs.


3>     Keep the stomach in, chest forward, spine stretched up and the neck straight.


4>     Do not bear the weight of the body either on the heels or the toes, but distribute it evenly on both of them.


5>     Ideally in Tadasana the arms are stretched out over the head, but for the sake of convenience, one can place them by the side of the thighs. In this case, keep the arms parallel with the body. The fingers tighter and pointing downwards.


6>     Soften your eyes and the tongue touching your base of palette. Imagine an imaginary line going right from the feet to groin and to the base of your head, a straight imaginary line and your standing up straight and erect.


7>     Stay with this pose for minimum 30 seconds. You can increase the time to increase the balance of standing correctly. Maintain to breathe easily



Important Notice: Before doing any Asana you must know your health and while practicing any asanas if you come across pain, please stop it immediately. A trained instructor can guide you in a better way. Also recommend to read our previous edition “Hints and Caution of Yogasanas” before practicing.

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