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Tricks for Applying Liquid Liner for Beginners

Applying liquid eyeliner is no easy task, even for seasoned makeup lovers. It takes a lot of practice and precision to get it exactly right. Just one quick twitch of the hand can mess up your entire eye makeup look. You end up having to wipe away all you’ve worked to create with one big exasperated sigh. Then that’s it, you’re swearing off liquid liner for good, right?

Just because you struggle with it doesn’t mean you have to completely steer clear. Using liquid liner can create bold, beautiful eye makeup that we should all show off every now and again. So, we talked to makeup artist Suzy Gerstein, who’s worked with celebrities from Christy Turlington to Leighton Meester, to get her best tips and tricks for using liquid liners.

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Start with pencil liners

Gerstein claims she always starts with a pencil liner in order to achieve the shape. “The waxy formula is more forgiving than its densely pigmented liquid counterpart and therefore easier to correct quickly,” she explains. Using pencil liners also allows you to line right in between the lashes so you don’t leave any gaps between lash lines.
Her favorite pencil liners include MAC Coffee and Feline. She explains that these are on the drier side so they don’t get too messy. However, they do still allow for some smudging.

Use skinny Q-Tips

We all make mistakes. It’s knowing how to correct them that’s key. Gerstein recommends dipping skinny Q-Tips into Muji and Koh Gen Do Spa Cleansing Water when in need of a quick painless removal. “It acts like a magic eraser to help you quickly tweak the line without disrupting the rest of your makeup.”
Stare straight
Gerstein claims that even if you are attempting to create a dramatic cat eye line, she always recommends staring straight into the mirror. Then, use the angle of your bottom lashline as a guide as to where your the feline flick of your line will go.

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