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Top 5 Green Home Upgrades

Top 5 Green Home Upgrades

Are you concerned about the environment? If so you may be looking at ways you can lower your carbon footprint. It is often said that charity begins at home and the same is true when it comes to greener living. There are plenty of upgrades you can make to make your home a greener place. Below you’ll discover the top 5 green upgrades you can make today.

1. Make a switch to energy saving light bulbs

One of the main things that is consistently recommended to make the home more energy efficient is energy saving light bulbs. This small change can actually make a big difference to the environment as well as your wallet! It is estimated that if everyone in the world started using energy efficient light bulbs it would cut the amount of electricity used by one tenth. LED light bulbs are more expensive initially, but they provide long term cost savings and low emissions.

2. Insulation

Insulation is one of the best ways to make a drastic change to the home. A lot of heat escapes through the walls and roof. Installing insulation could help you save hundreds of dollars a year and prevent you from having to use the heating as much throughout the winter months. There are a few DIY insulation tips you can follow if you really don’t have the budget to install specialist insulation. Newspaper makes a good insulator providing you aren’t placing it anywhere that it could get wet. It isn’t a long term solution, but it can be placed in the loft temporarily throughout the winter months.

3. Upgrade old appliances

If you’ve had your current appliances for quite a few years then now is the time to upgrade. Newer appliances are built with energy efficiency in mind. Some of the most power hungry appliances include the washing machine, refrigerator and boiler.

Another thing you can do is ensure you turn appliances off when they aren’t being used. Just having them on standby uses up a lot of energy. Get into the habit of turning the switch off when appliances aren’t in use.

4. Invest in an energy monitor

There are specialist energy monitors you can buy for the home. They basically show you how much energy your home is using and which appliances/electrical products are using the most energy. Seeing how much energy you are using allows you to take action to reduce it.

5. Turn down the thermostat

Did you know that by turning down the thermostat by just 1 degree it can make a significant difference? You will barely feel the difference in temperature, but it will really lower your energy consumption and reduce your bills at the same time.

No matter what your budget, you should be able to make at least one change using the tips above. If you’re looking to make a bigger change you might be entitled to free energy grants. Check with local authorities to see what schemes are available in your area.

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