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Top 10 Flowers to Grow for Garden Bouquets


Flowers really brighten up a home, but it can get expensive if you want a constant fresh supply. That is why many people choose to grow their own. Growing your own garden bouquet can not only save you a lot of money, but it’s also a rewarding hobby. You can control which flowers go into the bouquet and also enjoy the experience of growing something from a bulb or seed into a beautiful flowering plant. Below you’ll discover the top 10 flowers to grow if you’re planning on creating your own bouquets.

1. Chinese Trumpet Lily

Chinese Trumpet Lily
Lilies have a luxury quality to them. If you’re looking to create high quality, luxury bouquets then the Chinese Trumpet lily is an excellent choice. They are available in a range of colours and are known as one of the hardiest lilies to grow.

2. Hydrangea


The Hydrangea is one of the most popular flowers due to both the pretty pastel colours and the texture. It makes a beautiful addition to any bouquet and is best cut in late summer.

3. Coreopsis


If you’re looking to add a little colour to your bouquet, the Coreopsis is an ideal option. It’s really easy to grow as it doesn’t require a special type of soil. They feature both yellow and gold colourations and look a little like daisies.

4. Anemone


Another daisy like flower, the Anemone is popular because it features such a vast array of colours. They also can last over a week if they are properly cut.

5. Zinnias


Another colourful flower, Zinneas grow pretty quickly after you’ve planted the seeds. They come in numerous colours and often attract butterflies.

6. Peonies


Peonies make an excellent cut flower due to their beautiful colours and gorgeous scent. They are available in a number of different shades including deep pink, blue and purple.

7. Rose


The rose is by far one of the most popular cut flowers you can grow in your garden. There are many different colour varieties available, each with their own meaning. Whatever type of bouquet you are hoping to create, there is a rose to fit your needs.

8. Daffodil


Daffodils are a popular symbol of spring and therefore help to make excellent spring bouquets. They return year after year so they are also a good investment.

9. Dahlias


When Dahlias are in full bloom they look absolutely stunning. They come in varying sizes and colours, making them one of the most popular cut flowers available.

10. Hyacinth


Grown from a bulb, the Hyacinth produces long, tall flowers in beautiful shades of blue, pink and white. They really stand out when placed in a vase and can make the perfect addition to a bouquet.

These are just some of the best cut flowers you can grow in your garden. Be sure to do your research before choosing which flowers to grow as some require a lot more maintenance than others. You need to pay attention to the soil type and conditions each flower needs to thrive.










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