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Things No One Tells You about Giving Birth

Things No One Tells You about Giving Birth

Pregnancy on the whole is a wonderful, exciting experience. Finding out you’ve created new life and in nine months you’re going to have a perfect, little baby is a spectacular thing. However, there comes a time in every woman’s pregnancy when she starts thinking about the birth. There’s no getting away from the fact that it’s going to be painful. However, no matter how many books you read, there are some things that you won’t have prepared for, things that nobody bothers to tell you. Below you’ll discover some of the top things that you didn’t know about giving birth and what exactly you can expect.

1. Only 5% of women give birth on their due date

When you’re given your due date, it’s natural to assume you will give birth on that exact date. However, this very rarely happens. What you need to remember is the due date is simply an estimated guess. Only around 5% of women give birth on their actual due date. Therefore you shouldn’t be alarmed if you go into labour a little earlier, or later than the date you’ve been given.

2. Your waters don’t break like they do in the movies

Practically every movie you see when a woman goes into labour shows their waters breaking in one big puddle. This isn’t how it works in real life. Most of the time, it is more like a slow trickle of water running down your legs. In many cases it actually lasts all day. So it is a good idea to add maxi pads to your birthing kit! It’s even possible your waters won’t break at all and the doctors will need to do it for you.

3. You may suffer with temporary incontinence

This doesn’t happen to everyone, but it is common for new mums to suffer with temporary incontinence. It can last for over a year and it is caused by the labour itself. When giving birth, the baby’s head can damage the nerves, causing them to become numb. This means you won’t always know exactly when you need to urinate. So those maxi pads you got for your waters could come in really useful long after the birth!

4. You may vomit

There is a large number of women who are sick either before they give birth or straight after. This can be a nasty shock for both you and your partner if you aren’t prepared!

5. Flatulence is common

Another unexpected experience during child birth is flatulence. This particularly happens a lot after you’ve had an epidural. It can be quite loud but thankfully because of the whole experience and pain, you don’t feel embarrassed. Also, the nurses and doctors have heard it all before!

So there you go – just some of the things you likely haven’t prepared yourself for! There are many surprises that can crop up. Each birth is different and it’s impossible to fully prepare for what is to come. However, being aware of the things that people don’t tell you about is a good way to prepare as much as you possibly can.

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