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The return of the Stockings


The return of the Stockings_1

Stockings, panty hose, stocking-ish transparent tights, the segment; they’re back, and here to stay. The horrid trend of the jeans took over for a bit, but it really couldn’t eclipse the finery that sheer wear alludes of. And Kanye’s little event notwithstanding, the traditional stockings are finding their way home again, the ones with the suspenders too.

The return of the Stockings_2

The whole bare legs routine was hot but it ended up leaving you without the element of sexiness; I mean, there’s no space for imagination, and weirdly enough the stocking fetish is a thing among the guys. It is creepy but they’ve all got a fire within for girls in stockings. They made a mess of that, and that may have been one of the reasons stockings kind of dropped off the face of the earth for a while. Now that it doesn’t elicit the same blood curdling response, it is back; sexy but not rabies-inducing.

The return of the Stockings_3

But that’s not the reason I love them. It’s that streamlined effect, my legs look perfect, and they feel so nice, and the newer lace designer ones, they really make me feel special. And thermal ones, they feel so warm and snug. And they look good with everything, yeah, no matter your size.

The return of the Stockings_4

Formal dresses, retro 90s cropped jeans, tiny skirts, formal skirts, pretty summer wear, in boots, heels, converse, anything; they just look so good. In fact, they look so good, that some outrageous designers have made ones specially for men too. And you get them in the kookiest variants

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The return of the Stockings_6

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The advent of the printed stockings has really freshened up the movement. Earlier, you only had a choice with colours black, skin and white, and that changed, which was good, coz blue is better than black, and the baby pink ones were so cute, and red screamed lust, and green looks real different, but now that you can have them printed, in lace and in your favourite colours, it’s really becoming mainstream. There’s one for every woman now.

The return of the Stockings_8

Like seriously, for all women.

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The return of the Stockings_10

The return of the Stockings_11

Medical stockings are also now in colours and prints, and you can make DIY changes to these stockings too, using fabric paints. If you’re not using the med specials, then the possibilities are endless, and range from attaching fur, feathers, beads, sequence, to getting your own stuff made with stretch lace.

The return of the Stockings_12

One big problem here, is that the delicate ones rip so quickly, but the stronger ones are rarely that nice looking. Yes, the stretch lace and fishnet stockings are there for that, but sometimes I feel like being delicate and posh. Trying to not get a run in the pair nearly has me obsessed the days I wear them. And that way, maybe the sturdy ones are a better option; but I have my quirks.

Maybe they’ll go back to being a daily essential someday. For now I’m content with having discovered these. I don’t have to wear just the leggings and skinny jeans anymore, it’s such a relief. So I’ve decided, I am going to amass a collection till I am worthy of being called the stocking hoarder.

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