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The Poncho- when you feel like a million kilos

The Poncho-when you-feel-like-a-million-kilos

The ice has all finally melted, but not for all of us. So it’s a relief that the poncho is all-weather friendly, well sort off. While it spent a considerable amount of time out in the cold, it’s finally getting some attention, a lot of designers are giving the folk piece a twist; using their own origins to make really cool works that don’t look shabby and homely. It is being modified to look more like the traditional cape though; but that doesn’t mean you can’t get politically incorrect and look cute at the same time, why the new hybrid was invented for just that!

Italy Fashion Salvatore Ferragamo

I can’t shake this feeling that a certain someone inspired everyone last year…..


But I don’t mind, she has swagger twenty four seven, three sixty five and counting.

So let’s get down to it.

Traditionally the poncho was worn like Blake’s given the teaser. With tassels too, and it is meant for the spring and fall.

Traditionally the poncho

Traditionally the poncho1

It’s no fuss solution and does well with belts, and can be open-flapped too.




Or caped.

Or caped

With the tassels again.

With the tassels again

We also have the spring summer special, featured heavily this March-April in Milan, and everywhere else.

spring summer special

There are so many ways to sport a poncho, and there are so many kinds of ponchos, in a variety of materials, prints and colours, and it’s like the best way ever to chill.






It also doubles up as a tunic dress, when you use the long ones combined with a belt.

tunic dress

The cotton ponchos are so easy to wear, and they add in the much needed `ventilation’, and you really don’t even have to go looking for pants; It’s the best way to crash into summer.

Winter is still running rampant though, and thankfully the poncho-cape is a life saver. The same mechanism that keeps you cool in summer, when clubbed with warmer fabrics, keeps all the heat sealed in when it gets too cold to look sexy in swathings of wool. The leather poncho for instance, is a keeper.


And so is the cape-poncho hoodie.

cape-poncho hoodie

The traditional variants still rule the roost, and keep you cosy too.

traditional variantstraditional variants.

And worst case scenario, you just want to sit at home and wait the weather out, you can always pull on one of these.





They go along with any kinds of shoes too, so I am really happy it’s back, this is one fashion trend from the 80s I didn’t get too oomph out on.

They work well with just about anything, except maybe the non-slim fitting pants; I find that on days when I fell simply wardrobe challenged, they come in so handy. As long as you know which lengths suit you, you’re good to go, and while short legs mean no long ponchos ideally, you can always bust the myth with a pair of chunky boots and a large scarf. They really are one of the `girls’ best friend’ editions.

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