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The Attachments


Okay, I started with Downtown Abbey, but then I somehow found myself watching Goong, and then I don’t know how I ended up watching Australia, and then, well, I‘m now obsessed with the classics  and period livery too; I was warned before I started, and I was never the type to like the old stuff, I just thought the hipsters and steampunks and Goths were bogus phoney idiots who had a thing for the old because they’re not cool enough for now and had mental issues and wanted attention….well, basically, I hated them.  So this comes as a shocker to me that I understand them, after having hated them all the way to adulthood. (I know, Right?)

It’s just that it was all so much more much-ier back then? And god, I suddenly realise what I it was I always seemed to think was want for in life- Manners; good, proper civil behaviour with a hefty bit of courtesy thrown in for good measure, and well dressed well groomed men who didn’t scratch themselves all over. Omg, I think I’ve been changed forever!

All that aside, here are four steals, from eras long gone, that every woman should have at least one of in her wardrobe.

The eyeglass chain

The Attachments _1

These things are really helpful, especially if you’re the type to keep misplacing your perchers. They are a hipster accessory, but they are as ergonomic as they are stylish; well. It really depends on how you wear them, what you wear them on, and the type you choose.

They originally started off looking like this. It’s blatant cosplay if you wear stuff like this in real life, but suit yourself, the look is from another era entirely anyway. Also there are many different kinds of chains made of different kinds of stuff; it was used as a piece of jewellery back in the day. You can make your own DIYs.

The Attachments _3

This is a pick of Anton Chekov wearing them, coz they were like the coolest thing ever.


The Attachments _4

We all know how they started out, to hold pants up, men’s, women’s and children’s pants; skirts too sometimes. But this one is a dandizette essential. And they tend to have this one particular visual effect of slimming you down, but if you’re not busty enough, you’ll end up looking flat too; so stuff yourself upstairs if you have to.

The Attachments _5

They look great on skirts too, and you don’t just have to go butch of or sleeveless to look the look.

The Attachments _6

They look great on skirts too, and you don’t just have to go butch of or sleeveless to look the look.

The Attachments _7

Cuff links and tie pins and chains

The Attachments _8

The Attachments _9

The Attachments _10

This is going to come as a surprise to you, but women using the suit refinements is really as old as suit refinery itself.  When the jewellery came out, it was not unusual to see a woman sporting the ornaments on her formal overcoat, which looked exactly like a men’s dinner jacket. In fact, women were dandier than dandies of the time; well they were the original flamboyant flamers, gay or not, so it makes sense.

The Attachments _11

The Attachments _12

In case some of you are wondering about the butch movement, I will do a piece on that, but for now, I’ll say this; we’re moving to a future where, women are accepted to be the finer sex, not the fairer, and men will have to start ‘dolling up’  for us. You can already see it happening, and it’s not orientation dependent, it’s just the future, kind of cycling back from the past. Or maybe, gender fluid flamboyance is finding its footing again in society. Either way, it looks so yum, and those really pretty looking suit studs are now ours for the taking.

The Attachments _13

The Attachments _14


The Attachments _15

The Attachments _16

Oh yes, please! These are the one thing I would bring back if I had to choose.

The Attachments _17

The Attachments _18

You have to have a stash of these for that sudden fabulous event or two.

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