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Suede Slavery

I say Suede, and immediately I think of that velveteen feel, minus the odd shine, not too smooth, just right, and definitely not furry; every woman’s dream.

Suede Slavery
Ever since leather’s non-identical twin debuted, way back in the dark ages, it has been a hot fashion favourite. And why not, that ultra matte finish and that minimally grainy texture that looks so good against skin can hardly be ignored! The fashion week in Paris had almost every designer use suede for shoes or outer wear, including the suede one pieces in minimalist colours.

So here’s how to include suede in your wardrobe:

This is the easiest way to play suede, and you can pick the regal black stiletto, or go for a more individualistic colour; you can try boots if you want to add a sexy factor to your outfit. Then there are the suede slut pumps and the converse `elegants’ for the young fashionista.

Suede SlaveryCameron’s shoes in bad teacher gave a moving visual argument in favour of suede.

Suede Slavery


Cameron Diaz Rocks the Red Bottoms in Bad TeacherBut who said dull was the only way to go, you can spice it up anyway.

Suede Slavery





You can use red, and there are laced versions too, and with suede, you can do almost anything and it won’t look like you’re tramping it.

You can do it casual, formal and diva!!

Suede Slavery






d9d2e28dfa5dbcbf2b83f863e19643eaAnd colours don’t have to hold you back, as suede’s aptitude in colour is obvious.

The dress overcoat is so classy, and combined with a pair of black stilettos the look would kill.

Suede Slavery
Overcoats present a stuffy issue, but it’s going to be a while before spring arrives, so go ahead and sashay that suede fetish.

The suede one piece

Suede SlaveryThis outfit gives you a more streamlined look, and tends you highlight curves with a light sheen; it’s how suede does it always, with that lovely play on shadows and colour.
Suede Slavery






rachel-zoe-suede-flounce-dress-product-1-13367312-851787814You can try crazy colours like canary yellow, grey, emerald, marsala, peach, burgundy; the sky is the limit. Colour block one pieces are also in this year.

Use stockings for that added outline effect, and don’t frump it with accessories. The look gets cheesy if you use too much suede with the dress, so when you wear it, make sure you don’t wear suede shoes, matching or otherwise.

Suede can be used frequently for formal wear, and it tends to give off an austere charm; that rarely works out at work environments, so here’s how to tone it down.

Suede shirts

They’re a very sober way to go suede, but they do the trick; they’re very formal and have a neutralising impact when used in natural or earthy shades.

Suede Slavery

Okay skirts make things look very easy. And every type has its own surreal biases, but it is an office favourite.


Alexa-Chung-Wearing-Brown-Suede-Skirt-Blue-TopSorry Jen, but you just look so fab in that skirt.

You can try waist coats and suede hats too. There are suede leggings or sleek pants, but they really have that sleazy cabaret dancing harlot look that just can’t be un-sexed up. But if that’s the look you want to pull off then try the skinny fit ones with sneakers for punk pop look.

Here’s to the suede allure.


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