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Studded, sequined, embedded, embellished and shiny


What’s the best way to flaunt pretty feet?

Decking them in the decadent shamelessness of jewellery, of course!! We have Messrs Valentino and Gucci to thank for this trend!!

shamelessness of jewelleryshamelessness of jewellery1

Who can’t remember the Iconic gold collection of D&G’s fall 2013 collection; it gave every woman stirrings deep in her no man could ever set aflame or quench; okay I’m sorry I’ll forever want them all.

And this year, embroidered velvet was added to the enviable…

embroidered velvet

embroidered velvet 1

Embellished footwear… looks so beautiful I feel like crying….

Embellished footwear

Simplistic designs also shone through, well paired with a few studs and some gemstone flowers here and there.

gemstone flowers

gemstone flowers 1

Clearly, the floral impressions are obvious, but when do you not associate women and flowers!! Or red for that matter.

Or red

Okay, no I’m not being anti-feminist; I mean lions and velvet roses are a cool representation too.

velvet roses

Thank god that horrid trend of metallic shoes died a painless death last year!!

Now that we’ve covered the mains; let’s move onto the vagrants. Shoes being used as a kind of jewellery, as opposed to just footwear, is not a common trend; I mean, it is actively used to make up for the lack of accessories. Normally well adorned feet do well with the no frill look, and it definitely pays to make sure you have good looking trotters, even though you can cover up mediocre looking ones with good shoes.

The classic closed shoes and stilettos do work the best, but they’re not comfy, so I’ll need a time out. And that’s where these come in handy.

just footwear

just footwear1

just footwear2

just footwear3

just footwear 4

just footwear5

just footwear6

just footwear7

just footwear8

just footwear9

Even if you do go all out and completely over work it, it’s cool, as long as you don’t use any other jewellery or accessories; sometimes it’s still okay, and it depends on how you pull it off. If you go bohemian and bunch stuff on your hands its okay, but it’s not okay if you do the same thing with your neck. You’ll have to take some effort with your feet, since we don’t always have flash ready flappers.

Stockings ruin the effect horribly, so avoid them always, the whole point of using shoes to decorate your feet like that is to show off the beauty of the skin it covers; unless you’re off your rocker, you won’t wear your Victorian choker over your turtleneck. Use foundation over your feet if you have to, instead, the special wash proof ones.

Or just go with the boots.




They add bling sans terror.

Interestingly enough, this is a DIY section, and you can make your own modifications, but it’s pretty tough to do that, and it takes quite a bit of time. However, you choose to implement these blessed visions from the gods, ‘tis best to not scoff at the heavens.

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