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Step-by-Step Holiday Flower Arrangements

Austin, Texas-based floral designer Elizabeth Lewis reimagines Christmas bouquets with bolder colors and shapelier silhouettes.

Dark and Dramatic

The Materials: Coleus foliage + bush ivy + artichokes + pomegranates + red spray roses + hellebores

The Vase: An earthy dough bowl

Staying Power: Three days

Step 1

Nestle a shallow bowl within a larger horizontal-shaped vessel. It doesn’t need to fit perfectly but should be stable.

Step 2

Arrange coleus and bush ivy around the base of the interior container. Secure their stems into florist foam. Create movement by tucking in one or two longer branches to extend out of the display.

Step 3


Cluster artichokes and pomegranates in odd-numbered groups of three or more. Place most of the weighty stems low within the arrangement. Fill in holes with spray roses and hellebores.


Sculptural and Organic

The Materials: Bush ivy + buckthorn berry branches + variegated pittosporum + ivy

The Vase: A vintage pedestal Champagne bucket

Staying Power: Five to seven days

Step 1


Ball up chicken wire, and wedge it in the bottom of the bucket. A more eco-friendly choice than typical florist foam, it will help anchor the branches as you insert them.

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