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Small Space Organizing Tips

Small Space Organizing Tips

At the Desk

The Space: If you don’t have a dedicated home office, imitate the idea by carving out a small workspace in a sitting room or guest bedroom.

The Space Saver: A long, deep desk drawer stashes a laptop and keeps mail out of sight, making room for pretty desk accessories.

The Styling: Heather placed stationery in a clear glass box and employed decorative containers to hold pencils, stamps, paper clips, and other office supplies.

The Unexpected: A vintage garden stool ups the sophistication factor and offers additional surface space.

 In the Linen Cabinet


The Space: A closet with tall shelves works best. The height keeps bedding in plain view.

The Space Saver: Increase your home’s storage square footage with a freestanding linen closet.

The Styling: Color coordinating sheets to indicate size (royal blue for king, beige for queen, etc.) takes the guesswork out of searching for bedding. Assigning a shelf for each room also helps.

The Unexpected: Tired of folding fitted sheets? Wrap each one inside its coordinating flat sheet for crisp, finished stacks.


By the Back Door


The Space: Carve out an unused corner or nook at the top of your basement stairs for a convenient storage spot. Simple, flat molding adds interest to the interior when painted a crisp white.

The Space Saver: Baskets store out-of-season accessories.The lined wire baskets hide clutter and keep the space looking tidy.

The Styling: A leopard-print cushion and bold accent pillow create a cozy spot for taking off and putting on shoes.

The Unexpected: Try hanging photos of the children over the hooks to designate a space for each one’s belongings.


Next to the Stove


The Space: First things first: Clear off those two tiny spaces flanking your stove so you can work with a clean slate.

The Space Saver: A countertop lazy Susan keeps cooking essentials under control and in one place.

The Styling: Choose your cooking staples wisely. Our Test Kitchen staffers, who suggest including sea salt, a pepper grinder, olive oil, plenty of wooden spoons, and a jar of your favorite herb.

The Unexpected: On the other side of the stove, everyday drinking glasses filled with water hold fresh herbs for easy picking. A wicker demijohn filled with oil provides convenient storage and also makes for a pretty decorative element.

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