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Skirts away


The summer is finally here. So bring forth from the demons within you your best, weirdest and most fabulous skirt desires, for there is no limit on what you can wear this year.

The skirt is in this summer, how shocking! Okay, no, not just the regular skirts, all kinds of them, from all over the world; all the wackiest street mods of fashion, in the freakiest colours and the creepiest prints.

I talking full on contradictions; funk meets sexy, the east meets the west stuff. Well I gave it away with that one, but that should tell you that the local austere 40s style and the school girl checks are not the only competition to this year’s floral superwave.

Here’s what you get to wear this summer

The florals

Yes, let’s get them out of the way first; it is summer, so flowers in bloom are a must, I mean who does a spring-summer showcase without florals, only morons I can imagine.

Skirts away

Skirts away_1

Skirts away_2

Yes, many fashion houses are going for the tutu-ed florals; well, to be fair, some of them swapped the flowers for leaves.

Skirts away_3

Then we have the regular stuff

Skirts away_4

Skirts away_5

Skirts away_6

The thing is florals are really apt for spring and summer, from the way they look on you to way it just fits in with the general scenes of summer; the sun setting by the beach with you in a pretty floral skirt, the rays falling on your skin, while you stare out into the unending horizon on the other side-poetic.

The gypsy skirt

Yes, this one’s been done before too, but not like this….

Skirts away_7

See what I mean?

It’s more like gypsy meets burlesque meets Arabian, but yeah, this kind is the newest way to make a statement. There are different versions, but the overall theme is bohemian gypsy-the wandering nomad and her wide skirts, made so she can run free, or away when she’s bored, decorated and altered with bits and pieces from all over the world, the ultimate expression of her soul, born free, and her eyes, that have seen so much, and yet want to see more.

Skirts away_8

Skirts away_9

Skirts away_10

Skirts away_11

Gypsy skirts come in three basic types, the flared basics, the flared ones with varying layers, either stitched together or overlapping, and there is another modern bastard version, gypsy but flare-less.

Skirts away_12

There are also ones with slits at the sides, old stuff, and the tattered hippie version. You can also take out just the front part below the knee, or you get the trailer skirt.

Skirts away_13

Skirts away_14

Indian and Middle Eastern prints are not the only choices, you have the geometric patterns are the brocade specials too. This skirt is an easy way to look totally chill.

Skirts away_15

Skirts away_16

The fluffy skirt

Also called the fairy skirts, these are the cutest types of skirts out there. They include the tutus and the pettiskirts, and some cross breed offshoots.

Skirts away_17

Yes, it’s your favourite dream, that this horrible, horrible world has turned into your worst nightmare; and its out there, somewhere, waiting for you, this summer.

Here are the variants.

Old school

Skirts away_18

Skirts away_19

Skirts away_20

The current stuff

Skirts away_21

Skirts away_22

Skirts away_23

Skirts away_24

Clearly, you need to have at least one, and when you punk the look with vans and socks, it gets hotter.

Lastly, Burlesque/dancer

Skirts away_25

One of the best things about being in this century is that you’d never have to worry about stuff not looking cool enough, original or not. We have all these styles from almost a million years of humans clothing innovation, and mixing them up is always fun. The burlesque skirts from both ends of the world are equally entrancing.

Skirts away_26

RQ-BL steampunk

Skirts away_28

Skirts away_29


Skirts away_31

I’ve not covered the casual styles coz we’re kind of familiar with them. This summer will be about new old stuff, as we embrace the heat, I guess.

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