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Scented Jeans are Fashion’s Strangest Trend Right Now


Beatniks had their berets, ’50s-era Bobby Soxers had their poodle skirts and the ’80s had neon. But, in terms of real evolution, what we wear hasn’t changed as dramatically over the years as you might think. Designers used to dream of what folks in the year 2000 would wear. They would be deeply disappointed to see that none of us are rocking skin-tight metallic-colored unitards paired with fishbowl-style space helmets covering our heads. They would also probably be sad that flying cars are not a thing. I know I am.

Luckily for us, some plucky (read: possibly disturbed) designers are doing something that could shake up the fashion world. I’ve got two words for you: Scented. Jeans. There’s more than one company out there trying to make stinky denim a good thing.

First off we have Salsa, a brand out of Portugal. Their Colette Fragrance Jeans are a skinny cut that comes in several fruit-inspired, washed-out white colors. Each pair has a distinctly fruity scent, and is meant to keep that aroma for 20 washes. Why? That is anyone’s guess. I feel hungry and nauseated even considering this idea.

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