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Scent of a Woman: Four Fragrances That Turn Men Off


Sophia Loren attributed her success with men to pasta. Well, everything I have I owe to patchouli. One boyfriend described the scent as “that dark, peppery smell that gets me so hot.” Scent and sexual attraction go hand in hand, so it’s important to know what fragrances will turn your guy on—and, more importantly, what will turn him off. Though every man is different, if any of these five scents is sitting on your dresser right now, chuck it!

1. Sweet 
Chocolate is a known aphrodisiac, but smelling like a chocolate bar—believe it or not—won’t make you more enticing to a man. In fact, it may be a big turnoff for him.Glamour’s Susan Cernek and Lindsey Unterberger polled agroup of men on their favorite and least favorite scents on women; they found that most of the respondents thought that food smells should stay in the kitchen. (Not the women, that is, just their perfumes.) “I don’t think women should smell like food—nor should men, for that matter,” said one guy in the group. “Desserty smells make me hungry, not turned on,” said another.

The singular exception to this rule is vanilla. The men thought Laura Mercier’s French Vanilla Soufflé Body Crème was “lickably good.”

2. Fruity
Men’s aversion to food smells extends to that citrusy body wash or shampoo you use every day. We think it’s yummy and invigorating, but men just don’t find it sexy. Nix anything with citrus, berry, apple, or any other fruit notes. “It smells like Jolly Ranchers,” said one respondent in the Glamour poll, “and I like Jolly Ranchers, but I’m not sure I’d want a girl to smell like one.”

Choose fragrances that make you smell like a grown-up, not a kid in a candy store.

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