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Rose Growers converge at De Ruiter East Africa for Open Days


DE Ruiter East Africa (DREA) played host to rose growers from across Kenya who converged at the Naivasha showhouse for the breeders inaugural 2021 open days. The event held on week 8 February came at a time when growers across Kenya were embracing an unprecedentedly remarkable performance over the last half of 2020 and into Q1 of 2021. Due to Covid-19, the Open Days were spread over the whole week, and inclusive of some grower selection visits 2 weeks earlier, adhering to the government regulations & safety measures.

Despite the prevailing COVID situation and its overreaching effect on trade, most sections of the Kenyan floriculture sector have emerged relatively unscathed. What makes this news more welcoming is the fact that at the height of the pandemic, export numbers stood at an average low of 30%. Reports now indicate a notable recovery with the industry projected to realize its full robustness by mid this year.

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