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Rise in YOLO-ers: new report finds a third of UK professionals will look for a new job within 6 months


GWI, the leading supplier of audience insights, today shares the findings of its latest report, Connecting the Dots 2022. The research focuses on changing consumer attitudes and how their behaviors will shape the year ahead.

The report is compiled through the continuous collection of survey data throughout 2021, by GWI, from 700,000 interviews across 47 countries. It looks at the trends that are defining society and distils them into six themes shaping lives around the world. It provides an understanding of ‘what’ changes are taking place and ’why’ – helping businesses and brands to identify consumer drivers, eliminate misinformation and power strategic decisions.

The six key themes for 2022 are:
Increased health awareness and action
Consumers are taking more control of their wellbeing.Many people are looking after their health in new ways – from saying no to stress-inducers, to exploring digital health solutions. So much so that over half of UK consumers say they are now more conscious about their mental health following the pandemic – brands and employers need to respond. You can find more UK specific stats here.

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