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Quick and Easy Decorating Tricks That Will Save You


• Slipcovers

Soften a dining room set by slipcovering the chairs at the heads of the table. The most time-consuming part of this makeover? Giving the slipcovers a good ironing before dressing your chairs.

• Entryway Spruce-Up

It’s the first thing people see when they enter your home, so make it memorable. Create a vignette with a console table and a few accessories and don’t forget to add in wall art.

Unexpected Art Gallery

Find unexpected places to display art, such as between windows. It will give a unique twist to an otherwise overlooked area.

Layer Your Sofa

Be generous with pillows and blankets on your sofa. The layered look is inviting and adds an extra decorator’s polish to the room. If you don’t want your pillows to end up on the floor, buy an oversize basket to house them when the sofa is needed for lounging.

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