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How to pull off the nude look

How to pull off the nude look

My morning routine involves me spending half an hour everyday on my face, while I run through stuff online. I’ve had my laptop on for a whole and a half, so the fact that it finally restarted on me this morning, didn’t do much damage.

But I ended up having to find some more stuff online coz a few pages got updated…..and that’s how I landed up on the Maybelline nude page. And decided to scrub my precious face for the second time!


It was worth it. Normally I don’t go anywhere without some shade of red on me, and as far as challenges go, I had to not use my usual dose of accessories as well. I felt exposed, and wearing a peach formal shirt without a matching overcoat only added to my frustration. It was a 180 from my norm. I couldn’t even wear stockings, oh the shame!

But I got told I looked really pretty today. Over and over.

And later I got a lot more.

So, here are tips to do a nude-look:


  • Always start with a scrubbed face. Scrubbing everyday is not a great idea, so alternate scrubs with a face wash of your choice that doesn’t dry your face. I use St Ives apricot scrub and tea tree washes. I change brands with the face washes.

Make sure you deal with acne issues. As much as possible… If you don’t, the nude look dies with it.

  • Pick your foundation based on your actual color, don’t use a shade lighter or whatever. If you have great skin, use a good sunscreen and leave it at that. If you’re sure you don’t need it, don’t use foundations. If you’re using it, make sure you cover your neck and any other exposed areas are the nude look makes differences in color really stand out.
  • I can’t believe I forgot this. Figure out if you’re warm or a cool skin toned. In other words, if your skin veers towards peach or yellowy, or any other specific shade. This will tell you whether you can go with tans, fleshy colors or somewhat brighter shades.
  • Use a lip liner. This way you can make your lips look fuller if you have flat lips, like me. Full lips make the nude look really sexy.
  • Use blush real subtly. Only at the bend of your cheeks. To know that, smile like crazy, and apply blush on the rounds of your cheeks near your eyes. The blush can’t be used below the line where your nose starts to push out.
  • Invest in a good tube of mascara. It’ll be your best friend this week if you go nude. The thick long eyelashes look adds such beauty to the nude look. Make sure your eye brows are the same color as your eye lashes. It’s a really really important rule.

I really don’t recommend anything but mascara to thicken your eyelashes, unless you have really big eyes. Girls with small eyes, steer clear of eyeliner, it will make your eyes look smaller if you use it with nude shades, no matter what you do. Sure, you’ll look great from ten odd meters away, but I wouldn’t want to be near your face.

  • Nails. The same shade as eye shadow. (I don’t need to remind anyone to pluck them every f***ing night, right? I mean it’s the nude look.)
  • Lastly, your clothes have to match the shades. So do your shoes, your blazers, overcoats, clutches and even your accessories. Oh and accessories need to be minimalist. Nothing too shiny or colored.


Hope you guys look as good as I do!




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