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Planning a stunning landscape?


Gardening and landscape is a subject that requires attention to detail. We all can have gardens at home but only when we know the basics of landscaping, we can create gardens that are admirable and beautiful. After all, you do want your garden to get appreciation from all onlookers, don’t you?

Whether you have worked on your garden yourself or have hired a professional to design it for you, it is important that you understand the basic garden design principles. Only with the help of these basic design principles, you can create a stunning landscape that is as per the requirements.

The basic garden design elements

In all reality, garden design elements are nothing but heavy landscape layouts. These landscape layouts include every aspect of your garden such as the walls, the paths, the lawn area, the decking area and the water resources. Another important thing to understand when talking about garden design elements is the fact that different types of plants have different types of horticultural needs. Some plants need more water while some need more sunlight, etc. Also, you will need to understand the seasonal appearance of the plants you choose, their growing habit, growing speed and longevity as these are all important gardening elements.

Often neglected yet an important garden design element is your budget and maintenance plan. Many a times, home owners plan several amazing garden designs but do not have sufficient budget or enough time and patience to maintain it in the long run. These two important elements – the budget and your maintenance effort, will define your selection of plants.

Before you go about planning your landscape design, you must also focus on its use. Do you plan to grow an organic garden, the fruits and veggies of which you want to use or are you only looking for an aesthetically appealing garden? While this also depends on your budget allocation, keeping a clear idea in mind on what you want to use your garden for will help you choose the right landscaping plan.

Ideas for an effective garden design with a wonderful landscape

Effective gardening will help you transform your dreams about a beautiful garden into reality. Having the right combinations of plants and colours along with the use of the right garden design elements can help you create a garden that is stunning.

As a home owner, it is your input that counts on how you want your garden to appear. Choosing plants with flowers of contrasting colours like purple and orange, for example, is a great way to create a stunning landscape. What adds beauty to your garden is the presence of birds and butterflies. To attract birds, you can incorporate a bird house or bird bath in your garden. These little elements have a great impact on the overall appearances of your garden. Just as doing your bit to attract birds, you can  choose the right flowering plants to attract butterflies. However, you need to make sure that you or your family members don’t suffer from any pollen related allergies.

Choosing the right plants will also have a major impact on your landscape design. You should know the growing times of the plants and choose appropriately so that the entire garden blossoms simultaneously. If you have plants with different growing times, your garden will have patches of green. This is not really very visually appealing. If you have knowledge about plants, good. If you don’t, it is good to consult an expert.

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