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Plan now for a gorgeous Fall Garden

Plan now for a gorgeous Fall Garden

Mix it Up

The key to beauty at any time of the year is a wide variety of leaf and flower colors. Here, lush flowers like Pia hydrangea, burgundy leaves from Summer Wine Ninebark, and low-maintenance ornamental grasses intersperse with a range of evergreens. Grace Smokebush provides a pop of bright pink.

Add Color with Containers

A firepit on a bluestone patio is perfect for intimate evenings. Containers help integrate the living space with the surrounding garden.

Dress up hardscapes with containers to soften lines and brighten the scenery. Keep anchor plants in pots all season, and bolster with seasonal appeal.

Portable Color

Japanese maples turn an eye-popping, fiery hue in fall. Great as container trees, they can be moved where you want.

Add Pops of Color

Select planter combinations that provide a contrast to the surrounding area. Here, a dark grey house and shaded yard make oranges, reds, and greens stand out.

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