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Pet-Friendly Homes


• Home Sweet Home for Your Pet

Crazy about your dog or cat? You’re not alone. Motherboard Moms are so fond of their pets that they described them in a recent poll as “their best friend.” But, as with any bestie, your dog’s or cat’s habits, belongings, and “decor” can be headaches to live with. Here are simple ways to keep your home lovely—and you, Fido, and Felix happy.

• Sleep Smart

Dogs love a plump place to sleep. That place, according to a recent poll of Motherboard Moms, is in their bed. But it’s better for your animal (and for showing who’s boss), if your dog has its own bed, says Todd Langston, a dog behavior expert and owner of Pack Life K-9 Behavior Solutions in Orlando. The best dog bed is filled with cedar chips and has a washable cover, he says: “They smell good and repel fleas.”
• Create a Pet Den

Dogs also do very well in crates or cozy closed-in spaces. The way you feel in your den is the way your dog feels in his crate: safe and relaxed. Push the crate under a table in a kitchen nook or in the basement—or build a little pet hideaway—and it won’t fight with your decor.

• Keep Toys in a Basket

Many pets will chew on anything they find around (your favorite shoes, that cashmere throw), especially when they’re young. The solution: Don’t leave anything around that you don’t want chewed. And distract your pet with his own chewy toys. You can keep the toys tidy and handy like Boulder writer Brenda Reynolds does: she keeps her labrador’s toys in a laundry basket. But you can upgrade to a decorative basket. Your dog won’t care.
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