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That horrid thing from the 90s is back to attack. Yuck!!!!

Well actually, it keeps coming back, and the old hag’s been around since 1792, if wiki’s not trolling. My own knowledge dates it back to the 1800s, during the industrial revolution. Miners used the first jeans as overalls. Which leads me to the belief that Nicky Minaj and Lady Gaga might have shared had mutual ancestry, since it would have taken that kind of genius bordering on insanity to invent them.

But they were invented to enable a hassle-free lifestyle, with a lot of pockets for tools and essentials, and pants that didn’t fall down at work, all the while maintaining the sturdy safety of tough fabrics.

Right, while the overalls eliminate that from happening, they still look downright dumpy, and are so country bumpkin it’s painful.

So why on god’s green earth is it still around?!!




That and the earth is not that green no more. Clearly I was mistaken, blaming Nicky and Gaga for this fiasco. It’s not them.

But it’s here, and it looks like I’ll need to talk about the thing anyway.

Overalls come in varying fabrics now, and include formals, and the jumpsuit is an unrelated offshoot that was reinvented with the overall to have a somewhat similar effect.




And the hottest version of these drab silent killers is the cropped overall.




So you now have a fair idea about how to wear the thing; sleeveless tees and vests are the main way to pair them off.  You can use stockings to add length you your legs when you wear the cropped ones. French stripes look good with them too.

The formal pants involve jackets and well tailored blazers, with heels almost universally.  No one’s used a waistband yet, but I suspect they’d only work if you were skinny-ish.


There is the more feminine alternative, the dress overall






The formal one…



The formal skirt overall is the only one I recommend, but trying the other ones can’t hurt.


Both the pants and the skirt are available in plaid and other checks, and stripes. If you want more variety, you’ll have to get it tailored yourself as most designers are just as sceptic as I am about the trend of overall terror.

With the overalls, there is the risk of fat hips getting over accentuated, so wearing a tight top is a way to have a contrast; Lol, as if that will help you like the elliptical. Generally darker colours are a safe bet, like the ones that end above your ankles, or you can roll them up to show off slim ankles.


Since the trend is here to stay, go ahead and leave a mark in your history of the twenty most disastrous outfits totally pulled off.

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