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Ocean food – time to eat up


Okay, so it’s been a while since mentioned the diet plan, and I guess it’d time I had the walk with you guys; you know, the talk were I tell you to not be a vegetarian unless you want to age real fast.


Yes, aging fast, like much faster than you already are, which by the by, can be halted and, depending on your current age, reversed to a certain extent. No I’m not tripping, it’s a scientific fact, and a lot of stuff including fats and protein found in different kinds of water body residents help with various human conditions caused by our natural processes getting glitched up over time, like Alzheimers, Parkinsons, collagen loss related skin aging, issues related with muscular flexibility, eye sight, and basically organic processes where cellular loss has to be replenished over time.


All the health benefits you get from including fish in your diet atleast four to five times a week are very different from when you eat it like once a week, and obviously other meat can’t work out for you as well as fish. Yes, you’ve heard twice a week is enough, but it really isn’t. The fatty acids and other nutrients found in fish can’t be substituted with vegetables, and there are a large number of compounds our bodies’ need that are organic in nature, meaning you’ll only find them in other vertebrate life forms; so you can’t go vegan, or become an eggitarian and assume it’ll balance out. Supplements don’t work the same way. Most supplements are inorganic in pill form; even if they start out organically obtained, they go through certain processes which make them somewhat unnatural concerning consumption.

In fact, it wouldn’t be going too far if you replaced all the carbs you eat with meat instead; the way they get digested is very different. I mean they breakdown to give totally different forms of energy, since carbs are long chain complex sugars and meat is mostly complex fats, lipids and protein. The difference is vast, since the glucose-glycogen cycle is given three different processes in between and fat lysis is part of that.


The kind of fish or water animal you eat depends on your preference, just make sure you eat more than just one or two types; variety is always better. And fish needs to be balanced out with other vitamins including C and K. You can actually quit dairy altogether if you’re willing to eat the bone stock, edible bony cartilages and heads of certain fish.


About raw fish and sushi, it’s always best if you go to a reputed place to eat, and steamed fish is always better if you have a hypersensitive gut.

I’m saying fish, but I’m talking about ocean food, so don’t exclude prawn, crab, squid, octopi, eel, rays and other non-fishy foods. Squid might have more benefits than fish, but mercury is an issue, so make sure you know what you’re doing. My roomie and I, we tend to order in food, so we rarely cook, but if you are planning on going through with the cooking-thing, make sure you have your mum or aunt or gran or nanna on speed dial. Travel and living has a lot of easy to follow food shows.

Make sure you get your weekly dose of nuts and fish, and stay healthy.


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