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Not today, thank you!


I’ve lived on the internet for as long as I can remember; lived on, referring to city I’m a permanent citizen of. I used to be one of those geeks who kept a one forum identity for all forums, and there were others, we knew who was whom too, a community of less than ten million virtuzen purists the world over; this was since I was nine and I still do that, but now cyberspace is full of immigrants from the real world; they don’t belong here, and they make the place look like crap, mixing innuendoes all wrong, being pretentious without the roleplay tag, and linking everything to porn. It is a crappy place to hang, and watching my home turn into this hurts like hell.


Not today, thank you!


Thanks to google, there’s a new form of sexism rampant on the internet in the world of ads. If you’re discovered to be female, the only ads you’ll ever see are on beauty; not cars, no movie clips for you, no-ooou!! God forbid they grow brains while they look ugly. Ads on other stuff, ones that can make a real difference, or just stuff that opens your mind to new possibilities, all that is now hard to find; you’d have to sift through all that junk to get to it.

Not today, thank you!_1

It wasn’t always like that; ads were always set to target one sex or the other, but it was never this direct. The internet is currently the main source of entertainment for a lot of people, taking over television, books and the radio, and profit-whore companies are filling this sanctum with rubbish. Our younger generations are growing up in this questionable environment, this toxic thing the older generations are making, all because they want money.

Not today, thank you!_2

I don’t get why no one sees this. It’s so frustrating; yes I’d pay for a good MPRPG, but that’s like a corner, a far out suburb. The internet is a place where you go to chill, this free zone where you go to just be you. It’s a place where you’re mind can run free, where art has no currency, it’s a priceless thing, you can’t f***ing corrupt the place like this, you can’t make this a buy and sell. How can you cheap philistines run your filthy trades here? I don’t get it, they made facebook for what? It’s filled with shit about shit that shit does. Oh, and I forgot about the shitty ads, too. And the worst part is, every other crappy site like that will follow.

Not today, thank you!_3

And those of us who really want to contribute have to pay, and compete to matter. To say the least of these morons trending off about the buzz phrase `social media platforms’. Do these pricks even know what that phrase means? Do they know that is actually the working definition of the internet itself?

Not today, thank you!_4

And porn, yeah there used to be a time when google did not actively use a search algorithm that required one out of every four results to be about naked flesh; they do that now, that’s why what happens happens.

I can’t believe there was a time I liked google. Or thought myspace was like a cool thing. Why am I blaming one entity, it’s only being driven by a breed of colossal screw-ups so screwed up they think they’re cool, not just average or normal. Thank god for tumblr and pinterest and the like; but these freaks are digging their dirty fingers into everything!

Not today, thank you!_5

But how the F do we get these sordid mistakes off the net? How do we force these vile spawn and their inklings off of this garden of eden?

Where the bloody hell are the apocalypse/armageddon inducing aliens and zombies and viruses when you need them?

So I’m joining the movement; to make the internet purist again.

Oh, and google, we are never ever ever ever ever getting back together.

Not today, thank you!_6

Not today, thank you!_7

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