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Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

While we believe in the power of makeup which will boost the confidence and often women express their personality through make up, we are also rapt in the power of no-makeup and feeling comfortable under your natural skin.

Do whatever makes you feel beautiful, and don’t be afraid if you are forgoing makeup. Because, forgoing makeup itself is the first sign of confidence. You are totally comfortable in your skin and you like it that way. But however, makeup makes a woman look younger. Mascara and Lipstick are a total game changer to the eye; it does make you feel special.

As a teen you might have experimented with many makeup looks, from a circus clown to a famous drag queen in the world. After enough experimentation, finally you conclude that less is more. As you grow older, a part of you wants you to be natural, you feel free and confident with your skin. But a part of you might also feel envious with what some women can do with makeup. So you need to decide to agree with which part and embrace the same.

Natural Beauty is you, to the bare simple. Even if you don’t have clear skin and a beautiful face, going makeup less will not hurt if you can carry yourself with the same confidence. Makeup is not needed for a daily basis, thinking of makeup as the same as getting all dressed up for a fancy event where you do it and really enjoy it is better. Be natural and look beautiful. Get tips and advices on how to look good naturally from happyandpretty<subscribe to newsletter form>.

Even so, we at happyandpretty adore makeup and don’t underestimate the confidence boosting power of makeup. We are totally fascinated with the way it works and shed few numbers from your age in reality.

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