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websites we loveThe first five days are up, and the worst is over. We’ve survived it. And I feel like I’m a god. And I love my kitchen all over again. For those of you who were unaware, the four of us started a juice diet last Thursday, and the first seventy two hours are rumoured to be the worst. I stand testament to that truth, the first three days were horrid, and controlling yourself will involve holing up in front of your laptop or desktop, but it’s worth it.

We primarily use protein shakes so here is a list of the websites we love so far:

Dashing Dish

With over a hundred different recipes and new ones added every odd week, this website is an oasis in the desert; recipes cover everything from coffee to bitter gourd. There is a master cleanse section too.

It is hands down one of the best websites out there for women of all ages.

The Frugal Girls

This site doesn’t do just diets, and it is a haunt of mine. The team keeps adding to a rich list of material in all forms including fat friendly diets; you’ll obviously have to ravage the site to find diet friendly recipes but they do the job.

Smoothie Handbook

This one focuses on just basic healthy stuff, with varied recipes. You can substitute with healthier options like milk for yougurt and stuff. This website doesn’t give out too many recipes, so that’s a downer.

Formula OZ

I’ve used this specific page as a sample of what these guys do. No nonsense recipes with loads of info and a ready to order section, they do not mess with you. It’s a pro site, and they assist in every way they can.

Fit Desk Jockey

It’s primarily a guys’ website, but you can use all the recipes listed. You’ll have to bump down on the calories of course, but you can do that by limiting you total intake in quantity.


Believe it or not, pinterest keeps oodles and oodles of recipes online, all totally healthy, and with calorie counts. You even get user comments thanks to the heavy interactions of all the groupies involved.

Free Coconut Recipes

One of the best looking websites that also do the grunt work, this one has a lot more going on in the food department. You get a variety of recipes on everything under the sun, involving coconut. Coconut is one of the healthiest ways to drop pounds fast, and you don’t have to deal with saggy skin when you dump in all that oil.

Lose Weight by Eating

Last but not the least; this is another website I love to frequent. This chic details her own pursuit of the uber figure, while she lists out what she does/eats. A perfect end to it all, and a real role model.

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