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Introducing a bit of the Victorian era into your wardrobe

But dark colours do hold a certain smexiness.

I really think we’re getting the hang of it, balancing technology and art.

We’ve had our ups and downs, what with the men in skirts and the hippie thing. I’m kind of grateful I wasn’t around back then to see that desperate struggle mankind trudged through with the grace of Humpty-Dumpty. Aaaah….I’ve said it!!! My sincerest apologies!!

Well, to be fair, there’s a sizable section among us still laboring under their own misconceptions concerning appropriate looking attire, and the current trend being ‘try-sexism’ is not helping the situation.

But I’ll say this right now. Women suit lace and frills and chiffon. Men do not. Silk and satin are okay, but they’d better look manly. Jewish boys too!! (serious face)

No one should meddle with this. No one!!!(really serious pouting face)

Now back to the first order of business at hand.

The weather is going to only get worse.

So it’s time to mix lace and leather, with a couple of more layers of course. I was inspired by an older cut out from Christian Dior, not Brit. It’s so aesthetically alluring that I couldn’t help myself.

Plus you can’t go wrong with the combination.


pencil skirt with a lace topleather pencil skirt with a lace top

Non-formal girly skirts look cute too, despite the hinted emo-ness.

Non-formal girly skirts







Or a dress would do.



Ashley Greene In DKNY

Green looks fetching here.

Or a shear dress to go with a leather waist coat or a pair of leather sneakers….


Leather sneakers….oooooooooooo…..!!!


It doesn’t have to be a dress…

It doesn’t have to be a dress


Drew and Beyonce pull off the pants look quite well.


But I kind of think they’re missing well-cut jackets.


And on the topic of jackets, if you’re not long-legged, make sure the jacket isn’t past your bust. The shorter you are, the shorter the length of the jacket or coat or blazer.

And it sure as hell doesn’t have to be in dark colours…


But dark colours do hold a certain smexiness.

and kinky is in too..

and kinky is in too..

Printed chiffon works nicely …

Printed chiffon works nicely …

Don’t forget to add leather to it. To everything!!!!More more more!!
Try your own combinations. And if you really reel like it, go ahead and get your style tailored yourself.
She was my inspiration…

She was my inspiration…

I’m seriously going to get that cape.

She was a close second…

She was a close second…

Delicate feminine fabrics in layers including Chiffon, lace and other translucent and semi-translucent wear look great in all colours, even the weird ones. Leather (tan) tends to balance any colour well.

They tend to give that really delicate look when the lace/chiffon/shear dress or top has a raised mandarin collar or ruffles, to a minimum. On that note, austere collars are in this season and the trend looks like it will not die out soon.

Fingers crossed….I hope I get a Heathcliff or a Blakeney, after this, Steampunk mode.


With my Love,


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