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How to use flowers to boost your wellbeing this winter

use flowers to boost your wellbeing this winter

“A connection to nature is really a connection to the present,” solution-focused psychotherapist Gin Lalli tells us. Anchoring ourselves in the here and now can help us avoid anxiously forecasting the future, and ruminating negatively about the past. She says flora can be a tool to help us do this.

“Flowers grab our attention visually, with their bright colours and beautiful appearances, as well as through smell and their texture, which we can feel and connect with.” Indeed, their scents can be exceptionally powerful.

“Of all our senses, smell is the only one that bypasses the thalamus, or ‘consciousness detector’, which is sometimes called the gatekeeper of the brain,” Lalli continues. “So, the scent of flowers can enter our brains and attach to our memories without us consciously having to process it – it’s an automatic response.” She explains that we don’t really process

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