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How to make a bottle garden


Have you ever thought of a bottle garden? Does that take you to the imaginary world of genies? Well, you might think of this as something magical and impractical. But this is real. You can have your own little garden in a bottle and this, you can do for yourself!

A bottle garden is increasingly becoming a fad these days. Often used as a form of decoration, this innovative concept is a brilliant substitute to the small in-house gardens, commonly referred to as the container gardens. So, as the name suggests, a bottle garden has some green plants growing inside a bottle. Now, this bottle can be a glass or a plastic one. And, that is perhaps all that you need – a plastic or glass bottle with a narrow neck.

You can quite easily grow plants inside the bottle with little sunlight exposure and the plants can well be contained inside the bottle for as long as you want. That may make you wonder on how the plants would survive without air and water. You’d be surprised to know that it is plain science that works here. Basically when you plant your seeds in the bottle, you automatically create a self-sufficient eco system for the plants to grow on their own because when planting, you will add a little amount of water initially and then you close the lid. The air in the bottle provides the plants with the necessary oxygen and carbon dioxide that needed for the process of photosynthesis. A little exposure to sunlight will convert water and carbon dioxide into sugar and oxygen is released as a byproduct here. This oxygen remains trapped in the bottle and is again used for respiration by the plants. This cycle continues on its own without your interference.

Creating your bottle garden


Creating your own bottle garden isn’t really a difficult task. All you have to do is select a nice, beautiful bottle that has a slender neck and a plant that is tolerant to low sunlight and humid conditions. Choose a plant that has a preferably longer stem and big, beautiful leaves. Here are the steps that you should now follow –

  • Put about a tablespoon of coarse aquarium gravel at the bottom of the bottle. This will help you see if there is stagnant water below the soil.
  • Now, fill the bottle up to an inch with fine potting soil. Help it settle down by adding some water. Add just that much water required to moisten the soil and not any more. You may want to use a Doppler to add water in order to avoid over watering.
  • Put your plant in and keep adding soil and water till about 1/4th of the stem is covered.

Preparing the soil

Preparing the soil

The soil mixture that you use for your bottle garden needs to be porous for proper aeration of the roots. Here is how you make the perfect bottle garden soil -

  • Take one part of red garden soil, one part of crushed brick pieces and one part of leaf mould. You can substitute leaf mould with natural manure.
  • Add a little bit of insecticide to prevent any insect infestation.
  • Make the soil a little moist when adding in the bottle. This will prevent the dust from spreading in the bottle.

Choosing your bottle garden plants


Choose slow growing plants because you don’t to be troubled with frequent pruning. Herbs like sage, oregano, basil and ferns are ideal for your bottle gardens. Keep your bottle near the window for some sunlight exposure.c

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