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How to Dress to Bring Out the Color in Your Eyes

How to Dress to Bring Out the Color in Your Eyes

There are many things that can bring out the color in your eyes. Your skin tone, hair color and the color of your make-up can all make a big difference. However, did you know that what you wear can also give your eyes that extra sparkle? Understanding how your wardrobe can affect your eye color can help you to make better outfit choices. Below you’ll discover general tips and advice on making your eyes really stand out.

Dressing to enhance blue eyes

Blue is the most common eye color and there are ways to make them look lighter or darker. If you want to really enhance them then the best color to opt for is blue. Different shades of blue will affect the eyes in different ways. Lighter blue clothing for example will cause the lighter colored blue specks in your eyes stand out. Dark blue clothing on the other hand will give the eyes a deeper coloration. If you’re looking to make them stand out then pink is also a brilliant contrasting color. For the most dramatic look, wear black. This provides an intense, captivating look.

Maybe you want to soften your blue eyes? Brown clothing is an excellent choice as it brings out the warmer tones. No matter what look you are aiming for, ther eis a shade to suit it.

Dressing to enhance green eyes

If you have green eyes the clothing colors you want to focus on include purple, coral, deep green and pale yellow. The great thing about green eyes is the fact they look striking no matter what color you choose to wear. However, the colors mentioned will help to give you a more dramatic look. Deep greens will highlight your eyes more and pale yellow and coral will help to bring out the lighter colors in your eyes. If you’re looking for a bold contrasting color effect then opt for purple. Just like with blue eyes, black creates the most dramatic look.

Dressing to enhance dark brown eyes

If your eyes are a deep brown, the colors you want to focus on include rich blues, soft pink, gold and khaki green. If you prefer neutral colors then ivory is a good choice. A creamy light brown color will also go particularly well and bring out all of the different shades of brown in the eyes. To create a dramatic effect avoid black and go for bold, deep colors. Deep blue, plum and red are all fantastic colors for brown eyes girls.

Dressing to enhance light brown eyes

If your eyes are a lighter shade of brown then the best colors to opt for include orange, burgundy, dark neutrals and lavender. If you wear autumnal colors they will bring out the red tones in the eyes. Salmon pink, teal and peace can all look equally exquisite.

It is always worth experimenting with different shades of clothing to see which one best brings out the color of your eyes. Everybody is different so trying out different shades will help you to personalise your look.

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