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How Long Should You Really Be Showering


Daily showering habits differ drastically from person to person — some maintain a laissez faire attitude while others are unable to officially start their day without a hot morning rinse.

But according to dermatologists, there is actually a right and a wrong when it comes to how long should you shower and how often. Many Americans may be “overbathing” due to some skewed societal norms and damaging our skin and hair in the process.

Showers are amazing for so many reasons — that delightful squeaky clean feeling, the refreshing hot water and steam, not to mention that’s where some of us even have our best ideas. However, there is probably a big difference between how much you like to shower and how much you need to shower.

Stephen Shumack, President of the Australasian College of Dermatologists weighed in on this hotly debated subject. “It’s only in the last fifty to sixty years (since the advent of bathrooms with showers) that the idea of a daily shower has become commonplace.

The pressure to do that is actually social pressure rather than actual need,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald. “It’s become popular because of the social need to smell good. But it’s only the glands in your armpit and groin that produce body odour. They’re not all over the body.” The areas with these glands are the only places that truly need frequent and sensitive washcloth attention.

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