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Hacks for the season


Well, what else will I call this list; it is a bunch of thing that’ll be useful for now. I don’t know why they won’t be useful otherwise but wanting to curl up and hibernate will change things I guess. Okay so maybe this will be the useful always list.

A projector

It’s the most useful thing to have around the house; you need it for presentations on what to do for the latest party and to watch movies at home. They’re pretty cheap, and are life the forerunners of future holographic technologies. You get this now, and then like three years later, when it’s out, you upgrade.

Projector-Repair-NYStuff like the ones you keep in your office will do, but don’t flick stuff, like seriously.

A wall or windows of stained class.

coloured-glass123 (1)It is like having a bit of the rainbow around you when the light hits, and if you use really pretty or NLP colour coded glass, you can actually fix a bad mood real quickly.

Hacks for the season_0

You can go all super retro, and paint the glass windows yourself, or you can buy a set. Making a wall partition is a cooler idea but it takes more effort, and you’d  have to buy one, have them install it and then append the weekend painting over it all, plus if you’re not serious about it, you’d end up messing it up; so dedication is the key to a really cool hipster home. Throw in a disco ball too.

A Test Kitchen

Hacks for the season_2

I have mentioned before what you need to go on a diet , and those requirements hold good for test kitchen activities too. Trying out stuff in the kitchen is such a fun way to play around when you’re bored.  But it never works out when you’re watching a cooking show, coz they always finish first. Jelly Shot Test Kitchen is a fun website to continue off with alongside the protein shakes .

The Emergency kit

Hacks for the season_3No not the medical one, the girls’ emergency kit. This will be the place where you keep a couple of boxes of ready to use waxing strips, three different kinds of tweezers, include the weird twist aways and the threading slings for the sudden crops of hair you didn’t anticipate for another few days. It is essential that you visit your friendly local parlour to deal with that fur, but in the off even that you suddenly have to go somewhere or whatever, and you have like tiny hair or one or two stray hair, this kit will be your lifesaver, so prepare it and keep it stocked. Don’t use blades unless you want an odd shadow in the next forty eight hours.

The Pill

drunk-baby-funny-pictures-300x268I don’t even want to go there, and I really am starting to become a do-anything-but-guys-sexual, but this is like a necessity; It’s going to get hot, there will be parties and I will do something stupid many times over, or someone I know or don’t know will, so get a set and stash them in a corner you’ll remember. Along with the chew sticks.

Seasonal greetings!!

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