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How to Grow Eyelashes: 4 Easy Ways

How to Grow Eyelashes 4 Easy Ways

Lengthening and strengthening your lashes is possible.

Nothing screams “come and get me” like a seductive wink of your long lashes in the direction of your latest boo. Not all of us our blessed with thick, beautiful lashes — which I guess is what keeps the mascara industry in business. But you can do other things to help lenghten and streghten your lashes and make them grow longer:

1. Remove Makeup

We are told time and time again to remove all makeup before bed. Yet after a late night and a few drinks, we’re all guilty of saving this task for the morning. Sorry, but this is one essential step to never skip! Take off all your eye makeup before bed, so you can avoid not only eye infections but also clumped, sticky lashes. Try Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser for an oil-free cleanser that easily removes waterproof makeup while simultaneously conditioning lashes.  Just make sure that you don’t roughly rub or tug on your eyes (come on people, it’s called wrinkle prevention).

2. Take a Hiatus From Your Curlers/Mascara

Release the death grip on your eyelash curler since it can greatly weaken your lashes, or even painfully pull some out! It’s important to take a hiatus from the curlers and mascara sometimes. Your lashes will thank you.
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