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Grooming Basics to Keep Your Cat Looking Its Best

Grooming Basics to Keep Your Cat Looking Its Best

Keeping your cat clean and well-groomed is an essential part of keeping her comfortable and healthy.

To some extent, cats are able to keep themselves presentable. But just as many self-cleaning appliancesbenefit from an occasional swipe with a wet sponge, these self-cleaning animals need regular grooming to be at their best. And although cats and water might not be a classic combination, they can sometimes benefit from more of a bath than their own tongues provide.

More Than Skin-Deep Benefits

Taking time to groom your cat will pay off in several ways — some of which are essential to its health. Regular brushing or combing and visual inspection can help:

• Make your cat’s coat gorgeously glossy.
• Prevent matted fur and keep hair balls from developing — and in turn, spare your pet the discomfort of spitting them up. (Hair balls form in the cat’s stomach and intestines after the cat swallows hair while licking and grooming herself.)
• Nip skin diseases and parasite problems (like fleas and ticks) in the bud.
• Catch eye and ear ailments in their earliest stages, when they can be treated most easily.


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