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Green Wedding!

Green Wedding!

What is Green living? Green living is a lifestyle, where practitioners attempt to reduce the consumption of Earth’s natural resources and personal carbon footprint. Now that you have altered your methods of transportation, diet and energy consumption, it is now the call to go green on your big day.

 Follow these simple ideas for a perfect Green Wedding!

Invites. To begin with, we start with the invitations. Instead of having the regular way of posting invitation cards, sending them electronically will save a lot of fuel and paper then you can imagine.

Flowers. So many flowers colorfully arranged for your wedding, only to be dumped in the garbage the next day. Green wedding is when you use potted plants with living flowers, be arranged in the space. After the wedding, they can be restocked elsewhere.

Wedding Dress. If you have that vintage wedding dress passed down to you, you are already going green. But if you don’t, prefer to purchase the dress made of organic cotton. Organic cotton is most environmentally and cost-friendly option.

The Venue. Celebrate your big day at a place that is not really far from the city. Though, the idea of a country side wedding sounds great, but the amount of carbon footprint produced by your guests to reach the venue is very high. It’s hence better to celebrate your wedding in and around the city.

Food. The wedding feast is greener if your guests are served with the local cuisine. Introduce them to the local deliciousness, which are best cooked by local resources. Serving this organic food with wine will qualify for a perfect green menu.        

Then comes the Honeymoon. The wedding is quite complete and you are already thinking of the honeymoon. Like your wedding, plan a green and fun honeymoon. Eco-tourism services are now widely encouraged by various governments across the world. Nature conversation journey is a great way to begin your life with your partner.

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