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Green Shopping

Green Shopping

Help nature each day through the items that you purchase for you and your family!


Confused by all of the options you have as a consumer? Take a look at the green shopping tips below and take action for the planet by making simple changes in the way you approach shopping — here are a few resources to get you started:

Your Food and Health:

Ask Where Your Food Comes From — “There’s almost always an alternative food that is more sustainable, local or organic.”

Eat Sustainable Seafood — “There aren’t enough native shellfish doing the important things they’re great at.”

Buy Sustainable Coffee — “Life is too precious to drink unsustainable coffee.”

Your Home:

Buy FSC Certified Wood — “Few of us know the origin of the forest products we purchase.”

Green Your Household Products — “The best part is: It’s pretty easy to do.”

Garden with Native Plants — “Using plants adapted to your climate means less watering, pesticides and fertilizers.”

Your Hand-Me-Down’s:

Using Used — “It’s a brave new economy, and it’s 100-percent resource-free.”


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