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Gardening trends to update your garden


Having a garden in your home is a true blessing. There is nothing that can beat the charm of relaxing with your favourite drink amidst the beauty of nature without stepping out of your home. Turning your backyard into a little nature’s den has not just aesthetic benefits but also health related benefits. So, gardens are definitely great. But just having a garden is not enough, you need to constantly care for it.

Caring for and maintaining your garden is a task that requires your time, patience and effort. You need to dedicate some time to nurture your beautiful garden and also make sure that there is nothing that is spoiling it. Apart from the regular maintenance, updating your garden as per the latest trends is also important. This will ensure the aesthetic charm remains and your garden becomes a talk of the town.

Talking about gardening trends, it is important to understand here that most of them depend on the economy and the weather conditions of the place you reside in. Here are some trends that you may want to accommodate on your little natural retreat – your garden.

Trends in gardening that you can adopt

United States is witnessing a huge change in the way people are maintaining and updating their gardens. Home owners are not just landscaping their gardens beautifully but are also looking at ways to utilize their yards optimally. Gone are the times when people had huge gardens. Today, we have come to times when big gardens aren’t common even in the country side.  With changing times and changing economic conditions, Americans have lesser space available for their gardens. While people all over the world have worked on smaller gardens, this trend is now catching up among the Americans too.

Here are some such trends that you can also use for updating your own garden -

* For small gardens, small fruiting plants are ideal. These plants don’t take too much space and have hence become quite trendy in the small, American gardens. The fruity gardens also have an organic element attached to them. With the use of natural manure and fertilizers, home owners can actually derive the benefits of growing fruits that are absolutely healthy and fresh.

* Another visibly popular gardening trend is to have less lawn area and more plants. Home owners are looking at optimally utilizing their available garden space to have as many plants as possible while reducing their lawn area or patio space.

* With water becoming scarce, drought tolerant plant varieties have become quite trendy. They are low on maintenance yet give your garden a very green look. Also, with people finding less time for gardening, such plants have become quite ideal.

* Fragrant plants and flowering plants are also more in vogue. While gardens have gone smaller, home owners can still get the right feel with the fragrance from such plants.

* Again, space constraints is the reason behind the growing trend of vertical gardening. This is a beautiful way to add life to your home and enjoy the beauty od nature even when you do not have a yard or enough space for a garden.

Efficient gardening is also very much in trend now. Home owners are now increasingly practicing techniques such as composting, mulching and recycling like never before. These practices are reducing the need for use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides thereby making gardening environmentally friendly. With environmentally friendly gardens, you get the benefit of having the beautiful greenery in your home as well as give back to the environment positively.

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